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Man is a valuable heritage of life

Nature is constantly playing its game like a child. The sands of the five elements - collecting sand, storing, increasing - deteriorating - spoiling are just the focal points of its activity. People like to get lost in seeing the spectacle of a juggler, like a willing audience who gathered to see that prodigy. The wonder of hand cleaning makes them happy where to go, what to do, such as forgetting the facts and flying in absurd imaginations. The mind also helps in these traps - curiosities, even until weeping and laughing. This is the nature of nature, in which the common man is seen to be disillusioned, upset, upset, disgusted. Sometimes it is seen from the screen of the cinema until it becomes engrossed in picture-bizarre sensations. Although the whole of this amazing camera, the projector, the director's web is full of enchantment, the spectators who remain, the shadows creeping across the screen, also look real and shed tears, smiles, indignation from all over. They hav

Repeated practice in life make work easy

Devotees continue to use rituals and rituals known as Pan, Shod for worship of deity. What did they get instead? They can tell about it themselves, but above mentioned practices can certainly be faithfully performed in place of Nava worship and it can be seen that dignified achievements in both direct and indirect fields with help of it are easily done by hand Has it been done or not? highwaymen do not wander. They get entangled in scrub-jumps, which by leaping, they are tempted to find a lot without immediately introducing effort. A - In distraught mindset, mindset of hurrying away from anywhere, like domination like In and splendor like Ku keeps on surprising people. Such individuals have been seen blaming doctrine of accomplishment and applying charges. method of wearing with nine sutras of nine virtues has been designed to focus on same indication that organs made of five elements, blood meat, bone, and organ-suffixes were formed by knotting it. If human body is to be

Egoism in human spoil their life

The trench of the Craving is so deep, that even the mighty men were not able to bridge even after putting the entire Pour at stake. Even the rich of successes like Alexander came and tied their fists and the hands went away. In the face of egoism, no one now appears among the evil demons who once challenged and beat the world. Crown and throne studded with the jewels of kings, do not know where they are licking the dust? These misdeeds are of the same vamp depravities, which dominate mankind like a frenzy, and continue to mislead his precious life-wealth to lose money. The urge for selfishness - Lust does not really allow anything other than the evil. The situation becomes like that magical palace, in which Du, upon entering, had to show water instead of water and land instead of land. The continuous disdain of what should be done - is always exaggerated and those who boast of their prudence continue to do what they should not do. What else can be called this mentality, apart f

Progress towards excellence is good

The clouds are uniform in all places, but their water accumulates in the same amount where there is depth or eligibility. By the grace of rain, greenery rises and waves in the vast land area, but the deserts and rocks do not appear to be frozen to a speck, there is no partiality of the cloud, the fertility of the land is mainly responsible. Where does the color shine without washing? Who has done casting without rubbing? The mother picks up a child soaked with feces and urine only when she is bathed and washed and made clean. Muddy - Where does the use of drinking dirty water come? Where does the image look in a dirty mirror? If a layer of ash accumulates on a burning ember, it does not feel heat nor shine. When covered with clouds, the Sun and Moon cannot reach their light till the earth. Even in the daytime, when the fog envelopes, it becomes almost dark like night and some distant objects do not seem to understand. Looking at all these examples, it can be inferred that i

Idealism is the only way to achieve satisfaction

In the past, a situation of laziness, pampering, neglect, and nonchalance was also tolerated, but according to the changing era, now everyone has to compete to make himself a new man of the new age so that while presenting the proof of that change, The entire society can not only be encouraged, constrained and constrained to change the elaborate environment. The best opportunity to bring these virtues in your attitude, nature, and practice is found among the family. If all the necessary members of the family - the family members of the family - are dealt with cooperatively, praising the enthusiasm and neglect, then only by such a change of opportunity, every member of the family can get an opportunity to be well informed. Only a family institution can become a mine of jewels. For those who practice virtues in the family, it is not at all difficult for them to show decency in public behavior and keep getting the full benefits of enthusiastic achievements in return. Introduced

Helping others give soul satisfaction

In the ordinary time of peace, the weapons of the soldiers are stored in the 'storehouse', but when the war comes to the head, Home jewelry is normally placed in a cabinet or closet, but when marriage-like celebrations occur, they are removed and lightened as if they were new. In the current age, talent arms will be used as a gem in the treaty phase. It's an emergency-like moment to carry personality talent. At this time, their wear and tear will be fixed promptly. Efficiency, efficiency, authenticity, and effectiveness of our personalities - Sparkle grows on the only basis that there is a maximum inclusion of excellence in thinking, character, and behavior. The rough, busy people have gone - they have lived life. Far from being able to help others, they can only do so with great difficulty by pleading, spreading their hands or lifting in front of them, but those whose talent is brilliant, their specialties shimmer like gem-freaks, attract others. - They also influe

Decency perform big contribution in life

There is never discord in the family of those who practices decency, the heavenly atmosphere of gentleness remains. Friends of the noble person - colleagues keep on increasing spontaneously, while the rude person alienates his own people. There is an extraordinary contribution of decency in the success of life. 4. Tranquility means the planning of all the related products of their time, labor, life course, body, strength, etc. They should be kept well organized and maintained in such a way that they can be saved from chaos and can be properly taken for maximum time. This process takes place only when there is a vision of orderliness in nature. This is the greatest virtue of public behavior. One who has come to take care, use it, keep it well, should understand that it will be counted among the qualities. His iron will be considered everywhere. Planning is beauty, it should also be called art skills. He is credited for prestigious positions like Manager, Governor, Supervisor, wh

Without exercise, body cannot remain healthy

In ancient times, every seeker had to practice worship-rule in the beginning. Under him, the practice of truth, non-violence, celibacy, etc. is mandatory. They may have been practicable for the general public in the social environment of that time, but it is not possible in today's situation. Now, if practical Pan can be incorporated into the habits of practice, work will still be done. If we are able to mix fully in our activity with the patronage of labor, frugality, poise, orderliness, and cooperation, then one should understand that seditious courage became the equivalent of meditational meditation. 1. Due to laziness, pompousness, luxury, luxury, etc., a man has become a bad man. Not even a quarter of the available power is employed in productive labor. There is physical, mental inability to develop in a sense of sleep. The door to financial and all other advances is closed. Without labor, the body cannot remain healthy and strong. Production is also not possible with

Courage is only companion to overcome difficulties

There is so much support for greatness rise, the forward mobility starts spontaneously. The unscrupulous are those who lost their faith and whose friendship could continue, made them insincere and hostile. The dishonest person also wants to keep an honest servant. This shows how much the power of honesty has increased. Each of those whose reputation and dignity remains intact until the end, they have to follow the policy of honesty with the right mind. The dishonesty of lies climbs only once, like a wooden hand. The third emotion is responsibility. Every person is bound by duties like body protection, family system, social loyalty, discipline compliance. It is only on fulfilling the responsibilities that a man's bravery enhances, trust is formed. It is on the basis of credibility that a system is started, according to which they are entrusted with more important responsibilities, they should be able to go to the top of progress, people should call them earnestly and head o

Be honest in life for better future

Religion and service of practice - Meditation is made by filling the above-mentioned qualities in life. Apart from this, the second area remains the mindset. If character and emotional characteristics can be included in it, then it should be understood that both the public and the world have been upgraded. The four Vedas, the four religions, the four deeds, the four divine gifts that can be called, those four mental characteristics can be understood as (1) Prudence, (2) Honesty, (3) Responsibility, (4) Bravery. Prudence means restraining the immediate attraction, curbing and understanding the nature of long-term, everlasting, culminating, reactions, making corresponding decisions, undertaking the undertaking. In the craze of chatter, people keep eating and eating and in the frenzy of sexuality, the body and brain are hollow. Similar consequences produce other shortsightedness. Due to their inspiration, people go on incest, commit misdeeds and torture. It is because of short-si