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Egoism in human spoil their life

Egoism in human spoil their life

The trench of the Craving is so deep, that even the mighty men were not able to bridge even after putting the entire Pour at stake. Even the rich of successes like Alexander came and tied their fists and the hands went away. In the face of egoism, no one now appears among the evil demons who once challenged and beat the world. Crown and throne studded with the jewels of kings, do not know where they are licking the dust? These misdeeds are of the same vamp depravities, which dominate mankind like a frenzy, and continue to mislead his precious life-wealth to lose money.
The urge for selfishness - Lust does not really allow anything other than the evil. The situation becomes like that magical palace, in which Du, upon entering, had to show water instead of water and land instead of land. The continuous disdain of what should be done - is always exaggerated and those who boast of their prudence continue to do what they should not do. What else can be called this mentality, apart from naming hypnotism? Is this the fate of human life the plight of misery and badness?
Whatever it is, but the reality is that the average man is found to be willing to live voluntarily or interrupted under these circumstances. Those who perceive loss as profit and loss as the loss may feel the same malpractices, as seen on the neck and chest of most people.
It is astonishing that insects that grow and grow in rotten ravines do not even feel the pity of their condition. After getting rid of him somehow, he does not get so much new thinking that if he was to remain in the same condition of insects, then the mind should be made to like and get the help of being attractive like butterflies flying on flowers. When the aspiration is dead, where will the prolific movements of also emerge from?
The ultimate effort of human life, the highest level of good fortune, is the only one to get a sense of his poor mindset. The nature of corrupt thinking and evil behavior - Refuse to deepen the practice more. There is no harm in returning the wrong legs when you understand the mistake. If you forget to count, no sensible person should hesitate to start counting again. Man is a true God living on earth. Male-insect male-animal male-vampire, he has accepted the situation of his own free will. If he can think of a change like a body-cycle, he will not take any time to become a male-Nara Ma. After all, he is only a descendant of sages, ascetics, human beings, and mystics.


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