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Helping others give soul satisfaction

In the ordinary time of peace, the weapons of the soldiers are stored in the 'storehouse', but when the war comes to the head, Home jewelry is normally placed in a cabinet or closet, but when marriage-like celebrations occur, they are removed and lightened as if they were new.
In the current age, talent arms will be used as a gem in the treaty phase. It's an emergency-like moment to carry personality talent. At this time, their wear and tear will be fixed promptly.
Efficiency, efficiency, authenticity, and effectiveness of our personalities - Sparkle grows on the only basis that there is a maximum inclusion of excellence in thinking, character, and behavior. The rough, busy people have gone - they have lived life. Far from being able to help others, they can only do so with great difficulty by pleading, spreading their hands or lifting in front of them, but those whose talent is brilliant, their specialties shimmer like gem-freaks, attract others. - They also influence and are also able to support. Cooperation and respect also go on like this. In the changing times, the waste of the uncultivated will be thrown away by sweeping somewhere. They can survive from diseases, hardships, and storms, whose biographical strength is strengthened.
These are the divine assets, instead of which anything can be purchased from the market of this world. Only those who have their glory and might help others. The following days, such people will be required on foot, whose talent is more than that of the common people, they will be able to improve the environment of the world, who have proved themselves that by improving their creation - Ability is indeterminate. They need to be corrected given the catastrophe of situations, but they will be able to do this very difficult task, which has refined their personality and proved that they can play an important role in the period. Can. The criterion for attaining this level is the same - by freeing your personality from bad luck, you have completed all-round ability. Have acquired an abundant wealth of virtues.
A circle will have to be built for how others should be made. Without creating the corresponding mold to mold the tool, it does not work. How did people become? How to change? This experiment should first be done on its own and told that the task is not as difficult as it is understood. The movements of the hands and feet can be twisted at will, so there is no reason why the brilliance of one's self can be brightened by being equipped with virtues


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