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Idealism is the only way to achieve satisfaction

In the past, a situation of laziness, pampering, neglect, and nonchalance was also tolerated, but according to the changing era, now everyone has to compete to make himself a new man of the new age so that while presenting the proof of that change, The entire society can not only be encouraged, constrained and constrained to change the elaborate environment.
The best opportunity to bring these virtues in your attitude, nature, and practice is found among the family. If all the necessary members of the family - the family members of the family - are dealt with cooperatively, praising the enthusiasm and neglect, then only by such a change of opportunity, every member of the family can get an opportunity to be well informed. Only a family institution can become a mine of jewels. For those who practice virtues in the family, it is not at all difficult for them to show decency in public behavior and keep getting the full benefits of enthusiastic achievements in return.
Introduced into religion and action - the excellence adopted - idealism is the only way to be able to provide fulfillment, satisfaction, and peace like heaven with joyous psyche and liberation of life. No one has to wait till late for them. According to legends, achievements like heaven, liberation can be attained only after death, but if you get down from the flight of imagination and incorporate the nine-point excellence in practical religion-work, while still alive, heavenly sensations and liberation Level celebrities can be decorated every time. Not only this, in addition to these two, one and third benefits can also be obtained. Miracles of success also become subjective. Successes drag on and start rolling under Man's feet.
The kayak that has been molded will often be of the same size and shape, but by incorporating the desired excellence in virtue, karma, and nature, some such miracle can be produced, due to which the vision of divinity can be seen in this body. Goddesses - there is no dearth of deities, they are all worshiped - their great values ​​are worshiped, but that test rarely stands the test. Devotees have often been seen expressing disappointment and cursing this entire revolution for failure. As an exception, one can find quail in the hands of a blind person, but there is also a deity whose due to proper cultivation can be seen to be available in the form of cash religion. Good confidence would have been instilled, refining oneself, and trusting the assets and personalities that could be possessed.


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