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Man is a valuable heritage of life

Man is a valuable heritage of life

Nature is constantly playing its game like a child. The sands of the five elements - collecting sand, storing, increasing - deteriorating - spoiling are just the focal points of its activity. People like to get lost in seeing the spectacle of a juggler, like a willing audience who gathered to see that prodigy. The wonder of hand cleaning makes them happy where to go, what to do, such as forgetting the facts and flying in absurd imaginations. The mind also helps in these traps - curiosities, even until weeping and laughing.
This is the nature of nature, in which the common man is seen to be disillusioned, upset, upset, disgusted. Sometimes it is seen from the screen of the cinema until it becomes engrossed in picture-bizarre sensations. Although the whole of this amazing camera, the projector, the director's web is full of enchantment, the spectators who remain, the shadows creeping across the screen, also look real and shed tears, smiles, indignation from all over. They have been seen doing and coming in charge. It is so strange that this prodigy - the curiosity that has kept even the men called the wise, clinging to themselves.
The divination of this daydream is revealed when the eye opens, the drug addiction comes, and it comes to inquire about the work assigned by reaching the court of God. Before this, it is not known how deep disorientation dominates the head and continues to do, which hardly anyone can do except for the obsessed.
This is the deviation of errors, which the philosophers often call Illusion and warn them to escape, but what should be called the misfortune that does not allow the understanding of abandoning stupidity and adoption of intelligence to rise? Sur rare man - this is the background of the sad waste of life. Surprisingly, educated, uneducated, sensible, speechless, all go blindly like blind sheep, falling deep into the trough and groaning in a tragic situation.
Now come, let us adopt understanding and start thinking likewise. Man is a valuable heritage of life source, who is cultured and entrusted to others for two purposes. For this, our plans have to be made separately and our world will have to be different. The spider weaves its own net for itself. Sometimes she considers bondage, so is weeping, but whenever there is a realization of the situation, then the whole mascara completes the pill and swallows it in the stomach. It feels that all the bonds have been cut off and in which case many sufferings and sufferings had to be endured forever.


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