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Progress towards excellence is good

The clouds are uniform in all places, but their water accumulates in the same amount where there is depth or eligibility. By the grace of rain, greenery rises and waves in the vast land area, but the deserts and rocks do not appear to be frozen to a speck, there is no partiality of the cloud, the fertility of the land is mainly responsible.
Where does the color shine without washing? Who has done casting without rubbing? The mother picks up a child soaked with feces and urine only when she is bathed and washed and made clean. Muddy - Where does the use of drinking dirty water come? Where does the image look in a dirty mirror? If a layer of ash accumulates on a burning ember, it does not feel heat nor shine. When covered with clouds, the Sun and Moon cannot reach their light till the earth. Even in the daytime, when the fog envelopes, it becomes almost dark like night and some distant objects do not seem to understand.
Looking at all these examples, it can be inferred that if human beings are gripped by greed gazetteers, captives of attachment and chains of arrogance, then all their abilities will become infeasible. Bonded laborers remain constrained and constrained like animals tied in rope. They lose their original might and are compelled to walk, just as the binder presses them to walk. Puppets cannot get up or walk on their own.
The double pressure of malpractices and malpractices stands as a huge obstacle for man to take the right path of original thinking and the effortless progress towards excellence is severely stunted. The conscience tells it to rise high and causes the sky of vamp shadows on its head to fall down as wide as hell. As a result: a human being hangs in the balance like a hung.
The only way to get rid of this odd irony is to remove the defects - the heavy rocks of the deities at the head, at any cost, to be dropped, otherwise, the burdensome catastrophe can be carried on the head, even further away. Will not be possible. Lust squeezes the man like a lemon. Out of life, health, balance, squeeze everything and keeps it loose like a peel.
In ancient times, all children were born healthy. Then, when he was a little older, he was sent to work hard in the arena, but now the situation has changed. A crippled, sick and weak generation cannot be sent to the arena. It will be sufficient to make them aware of the general rules of health care. Spiritual experimentation-exercises have to be done for the achievement of self-power, in which all forces are easily incorporated. In ancient times, they started with austerities, spiritual practices, and yoga practices, but now it will be enough to conduct the spiritual path to the deformed generation. Planning college before passing high school is futile.


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