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Repeated practice in life make work easy

Repeated practice in life make work easy

Devotees continue to use rituals and rituals known as Pan, Shod for worship of deity. What did they get instead? They can tell about it themselves, but above mentioned practices can certainly be faithfully performed in place of Nava worship and it can be seen that dignified achievements in both direct and indirect fields with help of it are easily done by hand Has it been done or not?
highwaymen do not wander. They get entangled in scrub-jumps, which by leaping, they are tempted to find a lot without immediately introducing effort. A - In distraught mindset, mindset of hurrying away from anywhere, like domination like In and splendor like Ku keeps on surprising people. Such individuals have been seen blaming doctrine of accomplishment and applying charges. method of wearing with nine sutras of nine virtues has been designed to focus on same indication that organs made of five elements, blood meat, bone, and organ-suffixes were formed by knotting it. If human body is to be equipped with a gullible necklace, then those nine qualities should be deeply embedded in thinking, character, behavior - quality, action and nature. They should try with vigor to involve them in practice and practice.
This is a rejuvenation that does not require any external Dh. This is a chance to get a revival like Ch sages, for which grace of Ash is not even required at all. This is great achievement of whole sublime, making animal a deity, which was once known as 'dualism' second birth. There is no shape in it, nature changes throughout and whatever condition a person is living in, it becomes an easy achievement of seniority in same field.
Religion has been counted by different sects and opinion in different numbers and has explained its form and usage according to their belief - but in today's situation, while mixing milk milked from multiple udder with same churn. necessity of extracting butter with same name of same shape is considered to be necessary, then necklace studded with above nine gems is always considered Jewels can be considered as well and common.
Sweets- mouth is neither sweet nor full of stomach because of rote rhyme and their form - figurative description of taste. There is only one way to garnish and take advantage of it, that spirit which is being discussed, should not be eaten or digested. Religion is called that which should be worn. In order to fulfill that requirement, even listening to narrative discourses will not be effective. matter will be formed only if process whose significance is said - is being heard, it should be put into practice. Where can a wrestler become an athlete without exercising? Similarly, there is no other option than to bring philosophy of religion into practical life.



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