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Without exercise, body cannot remain healthy

In ancient times, every seeker had to practice worship-rule in the beginning. Under him, the practice of truth, non-violence, celibacy, etc. is mandatory. They may have been practicable for the general public in the social environment of that time, but it is not possible in today's situation. Now, if practical Pan can be incorporated into the habits of practice, work will still be done. If we are able to mix fully in our activity with the patronage of labor, frugality, poise, orderliness, and cooperation, then one should understand that seditious courage became the equivalent of meditational meditation.
1. Due to laziness, pompousness, luxury, luxury, etc., a man has become a bad man. Not even a quarter of the available power is employed in productive labor. There is physical, mental inability to develop in a sense of sleep. The door to financial and all other advances is closed. Without labor, the body cannot remain healthy and strong. Production is also not possible without labor. The irony in the society has been flourishing due to the fact that men and women started feeling great in not doing labor, tending to get maximum benefits by doing less and less labor, making the society like a cripple.
Realizing this fierceness and making a routine by combining time with readiness and diligence, it would seem that many results associated with progressiveness become available in the available time and means.
2. Dissipation is today's second curse. In mishaps, fashions such as fashion and clothing spend so much time and money that saving them can serve many purposes for themselves and others. There is no end to extravagance. It can be done to any extent. When his ardor emerges, it not be possible to complete ordinary labor, skill. Then dishonesty does not work without resorting to bullying. Someone might have been respected by this rich performance, but now jealousy arises due to him. As a result, there is a reaction to just copying it or degrading it. The excellence of 'simple living, high thought' ends in away. An opportunity to show generosity can be found only when there is something left of wastage.
3. Chivalry is the cornerstone of civilization, and rudeness is the worst reaction to wildness. Such arrogance emerges from the disrespect of others and the coincidence of their ego that they do not become gentle, sweet, humble and behave decently. This trend emerges as rudeness. The image of those who adopt it is tarnished. In its place, humility - the introduction of civilization is the main mark of gentleness. This treatment should be done with the same urgency not only with the elders but also with the younger ones.


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